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Chapter 204: Sleeping Lessons

Twee & indie pop

With the benefit of hindsight, the Village Green Preservation Society was pretty successful in its mission! Donald Duck, Moriarty and Dracula are all going strong in 2020; Fu Manchu is definitely cancelled, though, and I have no clue who Mrs. Mopp and Mother Riley are. The twee, childlike sound that followed in “Village Green”’s wake is inherently nostalgic: the feather-light but slightly downcast melodies of Feist and Belle & Sebastian seem designed to trigger reveries to bygone days. Maybe the VGPS did their job too well - the culture never completely moved on from the 1960s...
1. Feist


2. Belle & Sebastian

The State I Am In

3. Vampire Weekend


4. The Unicorns

Les Os

5. The Kinks

The Village Green Preservation Society

6. Regina Spektor


7. Another Sunny Day

You Should All Be Murdered

8. Camper Van Beethoven

Take The Skinheads Bowling

9. The La's

There She Goes

10. The Shins

Sleeping Lessons