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Chapter 219: No Children

Folk rock & indie folk

“Captain Badass” is one of indie’s great seduction songs (it even features an electric moment of consent!); it’s a serene outlier in this collection that will put you through the emotional wringer. Songs about death, abuse, divorce and aging would be hard to take if not for their precise, considered lyricism. Just a few examples - Mount Eerie’s bare, tenacious peek into a grieving heart; the repetition of ‘hope’ on the superficially hopeless “No Children”; the boiling, bottled empathy of “Black”; and a celebratory metaphor in “Furr” that only glances at something lost.
1. Songs: Ohia

Captain Badass

2. Neil Young

Cortez the Killer

3. Okkervil River

Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe

4. The National

Mistaken For Strangers

5. Blitzen Trapper


6. Mount Eerie

Real Death

7. Okkervil River


8. Neil Young


9. The Mountain Goats

No Children

10. Mark Lanegan Band