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Chapter 222: Go With The Flow

00s rock

When Andrew WK released his batshit, brilliant debut I Get Wet, no one knew what to make of him. Was he a high ironist, or serious about all the party stuff? The Darkness didn’t even merit that benefit of the doubt, and were pegged as a joke band from the start; no one could sincerely love the hair metal they paid homage too. Both acts, of course, are simultaneously in on the bit and completely earnest - like many of the bands featured here, they’re often gimmicky but committed to rocking hard. There are worse ways to live your life than partying all the time.
1. Andrew WK

Party Hard

2. Darkness

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

3. Finger Eleven


4. Queens of the Stone Age

Go With The Flow

5. Incubus

Nice to Know You

6. The White Stripes

Fell In Love With a Girl

7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Dig Lazarus Dig!!!

8. Queens of the Stone Age

Better Living Through Chemistry

9. Rage Against the Machine

Sleep Now In The Fire

10. Hot Hot Heat