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Chapter 221: Say My Name

90s and 00s R&B

Before Heisenberg could steal the phrase, Queen Bey was compelling subjects to say her name, in a dazzling early display of her signature dominance. Destiny’s Child’s brash confidence set the tone for the next decade of pop R&B, with songs that hit hard and take no prisoners. “1 Thing” is a marvel of tumbling percussion and ‘ding dong’ asides; TLC are considerate enough to drop the dictionary definition of the target of their scorn. Even Sisqo’s “Thong Song” is admirably upfront with its intentions; you can’t say the man doesn’t know what he likes.
1. Destiny's Child

Say My Name

2. Alicia Keys


3. Sisqo

The Thong Song

4. Aaliyah

Are You That Somebody?

5. Beyoncé

Crazy in Love

6. TLC

No Scrubs

7. Amerie

1 Thing

8. Destiny's Child


9. Aaliyah

Try Again*

10. Mariah Carey

Heartbreaker (ft. Jay Z)

*Not on Spotify