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Chapter 232: New Noise

Indie punk & hard rock

Hard rock bands have kept heavy music vibrant in a new century by sustaining a sense of danger, like they’re driving race cars with the brakes cut. Boris and Lightning Bolt flirt with outright noise, ignoring tidy song structures to follow the Pied Piper of pealing feedback and clattering drums over a cliff. Mclusky builds tension almost entirely through Andy Falkous’ psychotic scream-singing; Deerhoof somehow channels even more chaos by making Satomi Matsuzaki the calm, implacable center of their whirlwind.
1. Mclusky

To Hell With Good Intentions

2. Liars

Plaster Casts of Everything

3. Boris

Pseudo Bread

4. Death From Above 1979

Romantic Rights

5. Dropkick Murphys

I'm Shipping Up to Boston

6. The Mars Volta

Inertiatic E.S.P.

7. Deerhoof

This Magnificent Bird Will Rise

8. Fugazi

Waiting Room

9. Refused

New Noise

10. Lightning Bolt

Dracula Mountain