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Chapter 234: We Are Your Friends

Dance punk & electroclash

Call it ‘dance punk,’ ‘electroclash’ or ‘blog house’: in the 00s, bands like !!! and Ladytron would accept any hastily coined genre you threw at them, as long as it convinced indifferent hipsters to uncross their arms and start dancing again. How did they pull that trick off? It doesn’t hurt to have a charismatic frontwoman (like CSS’s goofy, pixieish Lovefoxxx, or the ür-ice queen Miss Kittin). Mostly, though, these bands were willing to out-pretentious the scene kids. If Fischerspooner can intone the absurd, grandiose hook of “Emerge” while clearly having loads of fun, what’s your excuse for standing still?
1. FischerSpooner


2. Justice Vs. Simian

We Are Your Friends

3. Modjo

Lady - Hear Me Tonight

4. Golden Boy with Miss Kittin

Rippin Kittin*

5. CSS

Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

6. Le Tigre


7. Junior Senior

Move Your Feet

8. Ladytron

Destroy Everything You Touch

9. Daft Punk

One More Time

10. !!!

Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)

*Not on Spotify