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Chapter 235: Get Free

Post-punk revival & New York indie

It’s too easy to say the 00s ‘saviors of rock’ class merely retraced old paths - sure, Paul Banks sounds a lot like Ian Curtis, but Interpol is far lusher than the arid Joy Division. The Strokes may be indebted to Velvet Underground, but they play with a machine-tooled precision the Velvets would never dream of trying. (That’s no slam - the hole at the center of “Hard To Explain” is diamond-cut perfection.) The White Stripes, by contrast, made an art out of sloppiness and showing their rough edges, transcending their inspirations with a weirdo spark unique to Jack & Meg.
1. The Vines

Get Free

2. The Hives

Walk Idiot Walk

3. The Walkmen

Little House Of Savages

4. The White Stripes

Seven Nation Army

5. Interpol

Obstacle 1

6. The Strokes

Hard to Explain

7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs


8. The Walkmen

We've Been Had

9. TV On The Radio


10. The Hives

You Got It All... Wrong