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Chapter 239: Kenge Kenge

Pop & folk from around the world

A raucous set of funky floor-fillers originating everywhere from Kenya to Cambodia, with stops in Honduras, India, and the Congo. Language is no barrier to appreciating the flows on Khmer posse cut “Loch Doch Behdong” or the clapping bhangra breakdowns of “Bolo Ta Ra Ra.” Mexico’s Cafe Tacvba stretch out on “Volver A Comenzar,” with a hang-gliding keyboard riff that will send you airborne. The Congolese soukous group Extra Musica plays fast and rowdy, packing five singers, polyrhythmic drums, blaring horns, and elastic, screaming guitar into one delirious package.
1. Khmerkid

Lote Doch Behdong (ft. Lisha, Youngster & Kdep)*

2. Garifuna Collective


3. Daler Mehndi

Bolo Ta Ra Ra

4. Bombay Talkie


5. Djiguiba Cissoko


6. Grupo Bahia

Te Vengo a Cantar

7. Café Tacvba

Volver a Comenzar

8. Kenge Kenge

Kenge Kenge

9. Extra Musica

Etat Major

10. Lovemore Majaivana & The Zulu Band

Yingwe Bani

*Not on Spotify