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Chapter 240: Halcyon and On and On

House, trance & techno

A Spotify playlist, sadly, can never capture these tracks the way they were meant to be heard: blaring in a hot, crowded room of dancers overwhelmed by the light show and bowel-wrenching bass, and mixed for optimal flow, tension and release. Headphone techno brings its own pleasures, though. You’ll key into one element of each track first, like the kicky bass of “Rej” or the spy thriller arpeggios of “Right This Second.” Something will change slightly every 16 or 32 bars, upping the intensity until you can hardly stand it - then at just the right moment, the drop hits and you’re gone.
1. Eric Prydz


2. Rank 1


3. Âme


4. Ferry Corsten

Twice In A Blue Moon

5. Shpongle

Divine Moments of Truth

6. Deadmau5

Right This Second

7. Push

Universal Nation

8. Paul van Dyk

Nothing But You (ft. Hemstock & Jennings)

9. Orbital

Halcyon and On and On

10. Luomo