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Chapter 257: Melody Day

Electronic indie

Indie artists have long dabbled in lo-fi home recording, attracted to the peculiar sonic artifacts of the process as much as DIY realness. Once electronic tools became cheap and easy to use, wannabe bedroom producers everywhere took both tendencies to the next level. Sample whizzes like the Go! Team’s Ian Parton build bangers out of scraps, while Dan Deacon and M83 assemble blurry synth skyscrapers. Even the naturalists in Animal Collective spin a shimmering electronic cocoon around “Banshee Beat”’s quiet reverie.
1. Dan Deacon

Build Voice

2. Of Montreal

Lysergic Bliss

3. M83

Don't Save Us From the Flames

4. Caribou

Melody Day

5. The Go! Team

The Power Is On

6. Radiohead


7. Air France

Collapsing Outside Your Doorstep

8. The Knife


9. Dan Deacon

The Crystal Cat

10. Animal Collective

Banshee Beat