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Chapter 258: Bulletproof

Dance pop & European pop

If you really want to crash the pop zeitgeist, you’ve got to give the people something they didn’t yet know they wanted. Duck Sauce, for instance, intuited that the world was craving a song consisting only of a 4-bar falsetto hook repeated ad nauseum and the phrase “Barbra Streisand” - and they were absolutely right. This whole set delivers hedonistic thrills, from the boyish grooves of Phoenix to La Roux’s affirmative synth-pop. The crown jewel is a remix of Japanese noise weirdos Boredoms by Norway’s Lindstrøm, an ultra-disco frenzy that doesn’t stop topping itself.
1. Annie


2. Double 99


3. Phoenix

If I Ever Feel Better

4. Röyksopp

Poor Leno

5. Alexandra Stan

Mr. Saxobeat

6. Duck Sauce

Barbra Streisand*

7. Azealia Banks

Chasing Time

8. La Roux


9. Boredoms

Ant 10 (DJ Lindstrøm Remix)*

10. Robyn

Dream On (ft. Christian Falk)*

*Not on Spotify