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Chapter 265: Lisa Frank 420

Hypnagogic pop & sample manipulation

With the full spectrum of recorded music instantly available to us now, it was inevitable that the celestial jukebox would begin to fold in on itself. Many of these mashups, sample collages, and corporate Muzak homunculi are predictably not on Spotify; copyright law hasn’t caught up to this style of meta-music. The ADHD megamixes of Girl Talk and manic pop collisions of Mochipet are still jaw-dropping - and while much of this stuff is highly ironized, “Come Down To Us” is samplework at its most achingly sincere.
1. Macintosh Plus

02 リサフランク420 - 現代のコンピュー (Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing)*

2. Emeralds

The Cycle Of Abuse

3. James Ferraro

Adventures in Green Foot Printing

4. Oneohtrix Point Never


5. Burial

Come Down to Us

6. Moby

Run On

7. Girl Talk

Down for the Count*

8. Mochipet

Wang Chung Vs. The Real Wang*

9. DJ Screw

The Game Goes On (ft. K-Rino & Z-Ro)

10. The Caretaker

A Relationship With The Sublime*

*Not on Spotify