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Chapter 264: Flex

Drum & bass, jungle & happy hardcore

Drink five cups of espresso beforehand to properly enjoy this twitchy challenge room full of jungle, happy hardcore and drill & bass standouts. Sometimes this music is as intricate as Aphex Twin’s “4,” an unearthly melody carefully interwoven with skittering insectoid snares. Other tracks, like Hixxy’s DDR-core or BBC’s South African electro, simply bully the listener with tempo. The effect is at first seizure-inducing, information overload made manifest - but stick with 170+ BPM long enough and your endocrine system will catch up, as if you’ve become a hummingbird.
1. Squarepusher

The Modern Bass Guitar

2. Oneohtrix Point Never

Sticky Drama

3. Aphex Twin


4. Venetian Snares


5. DJ Sharpnel

Here Flex

6. B.B.C.

Ngunyuta Dance

7. Bad Company

Planet Dust

8. Hixxy

No.1 (Al Storm Remix)

9. Shy FX & T Power

Rock the Boat (ft. Di)

10. Aphex Twin

CIRCLONT6A [141.98] [syrobonkus mix]