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Chapter 268: Dance Yrself Clean

Indie dance & blog house

Over and over and over, like monkeys with miniature cymbals, the joy of repetition really is in these hipster dance acts. The longer the oscillating piano riff of “All My Friends” drones on, the more intense it becomes, and the more you feel the weight of James Murphy recounting the end of his youth. Justice and Hot Chip use repetition more playfully, spotlighting their expertly sequenced sample chops as if they were guitar solos. Animal Collective makes the most of “My Girls’” three note arpeggio, opening it up to find a slippery, shapeshifting rhythm.
1. LCD Soundsystem

Dance Yrself Clean

2. Animal Collective

My Girls

3. Hot Chip

Ready For The Floor

4. Cut Copy

Lights And Music

5. The Golden Filter

Solid Gold

6. TV On The Radio

Dancing Choose

7. Passion Pit


8. Justice


9. LCD Soundsystem

All My Friends

10. Hot Chip

Over and Over