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Chapter 283: Expect

K-pop (and some J-pop)

Korea spent the 10s beating America at their own pop game, supplying supercharged boy bands and girl groups with shiny maximalist anthems that keep more components in motion than a microprocessor. This chapter could be a textbook for aspiring producers - here’s a perfect key change on “Expect,” here’s how to give every vocalist a showcase without crowding the track on “Lucifer.” A couple killer J-pop cuts make the set too; the head-snapping “Gimme Chocolate!” confirms that heavy metal and girl-group pop have more or less the same energy.
1. Shinee


2. Red Velvet

Dumb Dumb

3. Apink


4. BTS

Boy With Luv (ft. Halsey)

5. Girls' Generation


6. Girl's Day


7. Psy

Gangnam Style

8. Babymetal

Gimme Chocolate!!

9. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kira Kira Killer


Over N Over

*Not on Spotify