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Chapter 287: Let It Happen

Electronic indie pop

Midway through the hypnotic “Let It Happen,” the 12-beat lead melody abruptly switches to a single beat repeating nonstop. That ‘skipping CD’ effect was already a decade out of date by 2015, but Kevin Parker magically turns it into a foundation for the song’s next section. Other tracks in this set, from Grimes’ faerie bop “Oblivion” to PC Music calling card “Hey QT,” are epically chintzy, like Casio preset beats in hyperdrive. They evoke lightweight, last-gen tech, making this flagrantly digital music feel honest and homemade.
1. Grimes


2. QT

Hey QT

3. Fever Ray

To the Moon and Back

4. Chromatics


5. Robyn

Missing U

6. Tame Impala

Let It Happen

7. Kero Kero Bonito

Sick Beat

8. Susanne Sundfør


9. Grimes

Venus Fly (ft. Janelle Monáe)

10. Charli XCX

Track 10