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Chapter 288: Only Human

10s electronic dance

Now that computers can replicate any conceivable sound with ease, the sounds artists choose to make have become more intentional and interesting. Techno producers are best known for ice-cold synthetic beats, but with infinite choice, why not double back to explore the warm disco roots of the genre, like Floorplan does on “Tell You No Lie”? Or spin John Carpenter atmosphere into a rocketing midnight ride, as on “Conjure Dreams”? Meanwhile, the smartest producers, like DJ Koze and Four Tet, understand that one really powerful sample can still do 90% of the work for you.
1. Justice

Audio, Video, Disco

2. DJ Koze

Pick Up

3. Maceo Plex

Conjure Dreams

4. Bicep


5. Joyryde

I'm Gone

6. Floorplan

Tell You No Lie

7. Dawn Richard


8. DJ Rashad

Show U How (ft. Spinn)

9. Girl Unit


10. Four Tet

Only Human