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Chapter 289: Frontier

Electronic indie & modern classical

As we near the end of the Anthology’s first edition, we’ve explored so much musical space, but there will always be new frontiers. Each of these tracks from the new schools of academic and classical music, and the indie scene they’ve begun to interbreed with, cultivate a virgin space of their own. “I Can’t Concentrate” is a mesmerizing algorithm; “The Gate” an alien sanctuary. “Partita” seems to quote A Chorus Line before exploding into a busy traffic jam chorale. “Canticles Of The Sky” is the furthest thing from busy, a ray of light stretching beyond the horizon.
1. Zs

I Can't Concentrate

2. Holly Herndon


3. Julia Holter

I Shall Love 2

4. Caroline Shaw

Partita For 8 Singers: I. Allemande

5. Damon Locks / Black Monument Ensemble

The Colors That You Bring

6. Low

Always Trying to Work It Out

7. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld

The Sun Roars Into View

8. Holly Herndon


9. Björk

The Gate

10. John Luther Adams

Canticles of the Sky: Sky with Four Suns