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Chapter 30: A Trumpet

Adventurous big-band and jazz

While bebop players were infusing jazz with new energy, other bandleaders were exploring alternate pathways to jazz’s weird frontier, through big bands and unusual arrangements. Raymond Scott created riotous Looney Tunes anthems, Stan Kenton radically deconstructed the big band sound, and Sun Ra took Afrofuturist mythology to the edge of madness. “Stratusphunk” revs and sputters like a clockwork machine slowly falling out of sync.
1. Duke Ellington

Work Song*

2. Raymond Scott


3. Stan Kenton

A Trumpet

4. Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra

Interplanetary Music

5. The Gil Evans Orchestra


6. Django Reinhardt

I Got Rhythm

7. Andre Popp and His Orchestra

La Java Des Bombes Atomiques

7. Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers

The Preacher

7. Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra

Thither and Yon

8. Thelonious Monk

Straight, No Chaser

*Not on Spotify