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Chapter 31: Metastasis

Avant-garde 20th century classical

The first real challenge room. Unless you’re already an experimental music devotee, this collection of major avant-garde classical works might send you running for the skip button, but I urge you to power through! These orchestral sculptures are haunting, terrifying, and beautiful, the inspiration for everything from prog rock to modern horror movies (and in the case of the brilliant Carl Stalling, actual cartoon scores). Pull up your anchors and get lost in the storm.
1. Iannis Xenakis


2. Igor Stravinsky

Symphony in Three Movements: III. Con Moto

3. Conlon Nancarrow

Study No. 21

4. Dmitri Shostakovich

Symphony No. 8 in C Minor: III. Allegro non troppo

5. Arnold Schoenberg

Variations for Orchestra: Finale

6. Carl Stalling

Variations On Mexican Hat Dance

7. Alexander Mosolov

Iron Foundry (Machine music)

8. György Ligeti

Requiem: II. Kyrie

9. John Adams

The Chairman Dances: Foxtrot for Orchestra

10. Charles Ives

The Unanswered Question for Trumpet, Flute Quartet and Strings