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Chapter 32: Cry Me A River

Vocal jazz & chanteuses

Lady Day sets the tone for this chanteuse-led set, with three Billie Holliday standards that range in emotional valence from almost amused to unfathomably sad. She seems to always hold part of herself in reserve, while implying the heroic effort it takes to keep those feelings bottled. That tension makes these songs mysterious and alluring; in Peggy Lee’s wicked “Fever” and Blossom Dearie’s longing “Lover Man” alike, there’s a hazy core that draws the listener in like a siren song.
1. Billie Holiday

I Cover the Waterfront

2. Blossom Dearie

Lover Man

3. June Christy

Something Cool

4. Lena Horne

Stormy Weather

5. Billie Holiday

Strange Fruit

6. Peggy Lee


7. Norah Jones

Don't Know Why

8. Chet Baker

My Funny Valentine

9. Billie Holiday

Willow Weep for Me

10. Julie London

Cry Me A River