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Chapter 36: Adventures

Classic film score

Older films often feature odd dialogue, stilted performances, and primitive camera language to modern eyes - but close your eyes, and this music hasn’t lost an ounce of transportive power. Even without the benefit of images, these classic scores are pure cinema. Get lost in the romantic rush of Gone With The Wind, the desert sands of Lawrence Of Arabia, and the space fantasias of early film music’s greatest devotee, John Williams.
1. Maurice Jarre

Lawrence Of Arabia: Overture

2. Elmer Bernstein

The Magnificent Seven: Main Theme*

3. Max Steiner

Gone With The Wind: Main Title

4. John Williams

The Hologram / Binary Sunset

5. Erich Wolfgang Korngold

The Fish - Robin Hood's Fight with Friar Tuck

6. Bernard Herrmann

Psycho: Prelude

7. Miklós Rózsa

Circus Parade (Parade Of The Charioteers)

8. Alfred Newman

Cathy's Theme

9. John Williams

The Raiders' March

10. Charlie Chaplin


*Not on Spotify