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Chapter 37: Pledging My Love

50s pop ballads

For a few years around the end of the 50s, the culture grew obsessed with sob songs about depressives and dead kids - kinda like the true crime podcast craze now, except instead of My Favorite Murder they had three minute songs about car crashes. Get blue for this wonderfully weepy set (seriously, three songs have “Crying” or “Tears” in the title), as operatically sad boys like Roy Orbison play your heartstrings to the hilt.
1. Johnny Ace

Pledging My Love

2. Mark Dinning

Teen Angel

3. The Orioles

Crying In the Chapel

4. Conway Twitty

It's Only Make Believe

5. Jackie Wilson

Lonely Teardrops

6. The Chantels


7. The Four Aces

Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing

8. Roy Orbison


9. The Penguins

Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)

10. The Drifters

There Goes My Baby