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Chapter 53: Blue and Sentimental

Cool jazz

This is one of the longest chapters in the whole Anthology - jazz players can get long-winded when they’re feeling, well, titularly. (Though I could listen to Coltrane jam on “My Favorite Things” for hours.) Every note here, and every silence, is laden with meaning, every brushed cymbal coloring the mood a slightly different shade of indigo. There are lifetimes expressed in a fluid Wes Montgomery solo or modal Miles Davis trumpet line. The least you can do is sit there and listen.
1. Miles Davis

So What

2. Kenny Burrell

Midnight Blue

3. Herbie Mann

Comin' Home Baby (Live)

4. John Coltrane

My Favorite Things

5. Ike Quebec

Blue and Sentimental

6. Jackie McLean

Love and Hate

7. Wes Montgomery

Mr Walker

8. Oliver Nelson

Stolen Moments

9. Joe Henderson

Blue Bossa

10. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

In A Sentimental Mood