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Chapter 64: Happy Together

60s pop hits

“My Boyfriend’s Back” is still funny as hell in 2020; I don’t know if it’s the sharp writing, Peggy Santiglia's snotty proto-Kim-Deal delivery, or both. Nancy Sinatra’s “Boots” likewise exudes self-possession, walking the line between ice cold and fiery hot; even Lesley Gore is winning as she fails to keep herself together. It’s hashtag relatable. All these 60s megahits remain soundtrack and radio staples for a reason; the alchemy of a perfect song and just the right singer can endure for eternity.
1. Nancy Sinatra

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

2. The Angels

My Boyfriend's Back

3. The Beach Boys

California Girls

4. Roy Orbison

Oh, Pretty Woman

5. Nino Tempo & April Stevens

Deep Purple

6. Lesley Gore

It's My Party

7. The Beach Boys

I Get Around

8. Sonny & Cher

I Got You Babe

9. The Turtles

Happy Together

10. Van Morrison

Brown Eyed Girl