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Chapter 63: Mas Que Nada

South American folk & pop

South American music was another huge revelation for me when assembling the Anthology (and why embark on such an endeavor in the first place if you aren’t prepared to fall in love with something new?) Brazilian music is amazing; bossa nova is the epitome of cool, and tropicalia a revolution in sound. Beyond Brazil, we’ve got the demonic voice of Peru’s Yma Sumac, the naked yearning of Chile’s Violeta Parra, and the polyrhythmic splendor of Venezuela’s Aldemaro Romaro.
1. Jorge Ben

Mas Que Nada

2. Aldemaro Romero

Pajarillo En Onda Nueva

3. Violeta Parra

Volver a los Diecisiete

4. Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd


5. João Gilberto

Chega De Saudade (No More Blues)

6. Los Jairas

Gringo Bandolero

7. Yma Sumac

Malambo No. 1

8. Alma Salteña

La Engañera (Zamba)

9. Paul Winter Sextet

Vocé e Eu (You and I) (ft. Carlos Lyra)

10. Stan Getz & João Gilberto

The Girl from Ipanema