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Chapter 85: Satori

American & international psych rock

The Beatles were a once-in-a-century phenomenon, almost single-handedly turning Western rock music in the 60s into a global export that inspired rock scenes all over the world. The best of these foreign rockers cross-pollinated blues rock with traditional local sounds; take the Zamrock scene in Zambia that spawned Witch, or Flower Travellin’ Band, which mixed Eastern melodies and Robert Plantian wails years before “Kashmir.” They blend right in with pensive American psychedelia like the cultish invocations of “Guilded Splinters” and the mind-melting “Venus In Furs.”
1. Flower Travellin' Band

Satori Pt. 1

2. Deep Purple


3. Aharon Amram

Ladema Eini

4. Dr. John

I Walk On Guilded Splinters

5. The Hollies


6. The Insect Trust

The Skin Game

7. The Velvet Underground

Venus In Furs

8. Kourosh

Saraabe Toe

9. Santana

Evil Ways

10. Witch