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Chapter 86: Sorcery

Free & avant-garde jazz

All of your jazz training has led to this, the moment where Ornette Coleman and friends completely untethered themselves from conventional jazz structures to explore pure musical dreamspace. I tried to ease you gently into this challenge room by starting with Alice Coltrane’s calming, devotional “Journey,” but just like learning to swim, you can only cling to the edge of the pool for so long before taking the plunge. By the time Albert Ayler’s truth marches in, you might feel surprisingly buoyant.
1. Alice Coltrane

Journey in Satchidananda

2. Sun Ra

Sea of Sound

3. Ornette Coleman

First Take

4. Charles Lloyd


5. John Zorn


6. Alexander von Schlippenbach

Into the Staggerin

7. John Coltrane


8. Sam Rivers


9. Albert Ayler

Truth Is Marching In

10. Sonny Sharrock

Portrait of Linda In Three Colors, All Black

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