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Chapter 207: Down Down Baby

Modern children's music

Are you an adult enjoying the Anthology alone or in adult company, with no children in sight? Do you feel embarrassed or juvenile listening to children’s music, like it’s something you put in a locked box and hid away decades ago? Unlock that box and blast “Baby Shark”! It’s an earworm with no age limit. “Hamster On A Piano” is bottled joy you’ll want to put on repeat. And even as Spongebob reveals himself to be a disgusting capitalist supplicant on “Employee Of The Month,” his contagious pride reminds that work can be quite satisfying and even fun.
1. Pinkfong

Baby Shark

2. The Wiggles

Hot Potato

3. Laurie Berkner

Down Down Baby

4. Bob Dorough

Three Is A Magic Number

5. Parry Gripp

Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popcorn)

6. Spongebob Squarepants

Employee of the Month

7. They Might Be Giants


8. Ella Jenkins

Miss Mary Mack

9. Blippi

The Excavator Song

10. Kermit

Rainbow Connection