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Chapter 208: Shadowboxin'

90s rap & Wu-Tang

Rap was never the same after the Wu-Tang Clan formed in 1993. The gang of nine seemed to unlock a whole new level of menace in the fledgling genre, while reaching new heights of musical creativity. RZA’s sampling prowess, sharp as a katana, unites the manic screams of ODB and the cruel science of GZA; his detuned pianos and B-movie strings can sound triumphant, ugly, or both at once. This chapter features highlights from across the Wu diaspora, alongside unimpeachable classics of NYC rap from Illmatic to The Infamous.
1. Wu-Tang Clan

Clan In Da Front

2. Organized Konfusion


3. Ghostface Killah

Shakey Dog

4. Gang Starr

Mass Appeal

5. Nas

It Aint Hard to Tell

6. GZA


7. Ghostface Killah


8. Ol' Dirty Bastard

Got Your Money (ft. Kelis)

9. Raekwon

Criminology (ft. Ghostface Killah)

10. Mobb Deep

Shook Ones, Pt. II

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