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Chapter 209: Break Stuff

Rap rock & rap metal

For many if not most people, the era they perceive to be the peak of popular music suspiciously coincides with the years they were in high school. In my case, though, it’s self-evidently true! This collection of rap-rock and nü metal is the best chapter in the Anthology. I may not listen to Linkin Park’s sulfuric screams, Limp Bizkit’s blunt violence, or Kid Rock’s very coherent choruses as often as I used to, obsessively, in my bedroom, energized by raw aggression. But deep in my bones, I still have the knowledge; this is the greatest music that has ever existed.
1. Kid Rock


2. Rage Against the Machine

No Shelter

3. Cypress Hill

Insane in the Brain

4. Insane Clown Posse

Dead Body Man

5. Limp Bizkit

Break Stuff

6. Beastie Boys


7. Linkin Park


8. Beck


9. (hed) P.E.


10. Papa Roach

Last Resort