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Chapter 215: Locust Star

Metal & heavy prog rock

Hard rock still has a reputation as music for meatheads in some corners, but these bands evolved the form by approaching it with sophistication and purpose. Deftones could be staggeringly heavy while toying with discordant chords and electronic atmospherics. Rage Against The Machine don’t smuggle politics into their music; the message is front and center, fueling them with justified anger. The set culminates with the Sonic-speed rush of “Through The Fire And Flames”; the song wasn’t actually written for a video game, but by the end, you’ll feel like you’ve collected a million rings.
1. Deftones

Back To School (Mini Maggit)

2. Neurosis

Locust Star

3. Killswitch Engage

The End of Heartache

4. A Perfect Circle


5. Sepultura

Roots Bloody Roots

6. Death

Crystal Mountain

7. High On Fire

Rumors Of War

8. Rage Against the Machine

Killing in the Name

9. Tool

The Grudge

10. DragonForce

Through The Fire And Flames