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Chapter 241: Whatever

Comedy rock & hip-hop

Winking, snobby irony is hard to take in a comedy song - the ones you want to put on repeat commit completely to the bit. Take Tenacious D: “Tribute” is a long walk to a silly punchline, but what you remember is Jack Black’s fully realized, speaking-in-tongues vocal performance. Same goes for Stone & Parker’s mindless patriotism, or the Lonely Island really, really enjoying being on a boat. You know what’s not funny? “Losing My Edge.” There’s nothing to mock about someone who’s collected every major single from the 70s, that guy sounds pretty cool if you ask me...
1. Matt Stone & Trey Parker

America, Fuck Yeah*

2. Liam Lynch

United States Of Whatever

3. Flight of the Conchords

The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)

4. Peaches

Fuck the Pain Away

5. Tenacious D


6. Dethklok


7. Jonathan Coulton

Skullcrusher Mountain

8. LCD Soundsystem

Losing My Edge

9. The Lonely Island

I'm On A Boat

10. Ween

Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?

*Not on Spotify