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Chapter 242: Young Folks

Indie & power pop

In the wrong frame of mind, the aggressively happy whistling on “Young Folks” and the gloating keyboards on “I’m Always In Love” can feel like attacks. If you resist, these songs will grate, like you’ve been trapped in an iPod commercial - but if you submit, the exuberant power pop of “Mass Romantic” and “Ice Hockey Hair” will pep you up more than any cup of coffee. You’ll want to run wild in the streets, tumble through a meadow, and remind everyone you know that life is beautiful. Now that you’re here, tell me you’re a non-believer...
1. Peter Bjorn And John

Young Folks

2. Wilco

I'm Always In Love

3. Camper Van Beethoven

Pictures of Matchstick Men

4. Man Man

Engwish Bwudd

5. Exploding Hearts

Modern Kicks

6. The Antlers

I Don't Want Love

7. Wilco

Hate it Here

8. The New Pornographers

Mass Romantic

9. Beirut

Postcards from Italy

10. Super Furry Animals

Ice Hockey Hair