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Chapter 243: Small Plane

Indie folk

A perfect Sunday morning playlist of delicate melodies and hushed guitar. Bill Callahan grounds “Small Plane” with a modest, lovely metaphor for coupled contentment, while Bon Iver’s keening, just-out-of-focus words reach for the ineffable. Fleet Foxes wrote arguably the defining song of the 10s with “Helplessness Blues,” a plea for purpose in an enormous and confounding world; Sufjan Stevens also wrestles with weighty questions on “Casimir Pulaski Day,” but keeps his focus smaller, keying in on tiny details that will have you weeping alongside him.
1. Bill Callahan

Small Plane

2. Bon Iver


3. Fleet Foxes

Ragged Wood

4. Sufjan Stevens

Casimir Pulaski Day

5. Nick Drake

Pink Moon

6. Bon Iver


7. Devendra Banhart

This Beard Is For Siobhan

8. Fleet Foxes

Helplessness Blues

9. Iron And Wine

Faded From The Winter

10. Sufjan Stevens

No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross