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Chapter 244: True Will

Black & avant-garde metal

To avoid becoming overwhelmed by this challenge room’s wall of dreadful sound, listen for the unique elements that set each track apart. Black metal is far from one note (unless it’s intentionally one note, like the liminal shrieks on “Hallow / Hollow”). There’s at least one inventive touch on every track here, from the organ on “Sacred Horse” to the piano runs on “In Death’s Embrace.” Then there are bands like Deafheaven, who change the entire emotional valence of black metal by letting a little melodic sunshine in, turning a gale of noise into something life-affirming.
1. Liturgy

True Will

2. Enslaved

Sacred Horse

3. Emperor

Curse You All Men!

4. Mayhem

Cursed In Eternity

5. The Body

Hallow / Hollow

6. Deafheaven

Dream House

7. Bathory


8. Watain

Underneath the Cenotaph

9. Dimmu Borgir

In Death's Embrace

10. Wolves In The Throne Room

Vastness and Sorrow