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Chapter 5: No One Has Enemies

Indiginous music from around the world

This chapter quickly dips into early musical styles from all over the world. Native Americans (here represented by modern folk groups like Northern Wind and The Boyz) explored the extremes of vocal contrast. Maori groups in New Zealand developed a resonant harmonic style, showcased on Tatsi Bamboo Band’s “Bougainville Island.” Rasta Mombasa opens “Nne” with a circular Kenyan folk melody, and steadily lets the beat build.
1. Rasta Mombasa


2. The Boyz

Foot Slide

3. Hannah Tatana

Huai Huai

4. Unknown Algerian ensemble


5. Young Spirit

Looking Good

6. Tirtha Gandharbha, Krishna Gurung, Kharka Bahadur Budha & Akal Birahi

Resham Firiri

7. Unknown Algerian chorus

The Bride

8. Northern Wind

Beautiful Way

9. Tatsi Bamboo Band

Bougainville Island

10. Troupe Tingaï

Nul n'a d'ennemi (No One Has Enemies)