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Chapter 55: Eve of Destruction

60s revivalist folk

The 21st century so far has been so saturated with remakes, sequels and genre pastiches that the entire concept of new artists working in old styles can feel uninspired and lazy. But what makes revivalist movements like the 60s folk wave artistically interesting is what goes wrong in the recreation. 60s folk is studied instead of raw, earnest instead of sly, which makes it wonderful in a wholly different way than those early folk recordings. Here, Bobs Gibson and Camp make Civil War ballads cornball, and Barry McGuire sums up the Cold War era with plainspoken rage.
1. Joan Baez

Silver Dagger

2. Peter, Paul & Mary

500 Miles

3. Dave Van Ronk

Kentucky Moonshiner

4. Ewan MacColl

The Shoals of Herring

5. Barry McGuire

Eve of Destruction

6. The Kingston Trio


7. Phil Ochs

I Ain't Marching Anymore

8. Odetta

Ox Driver (Live)

9. Bob Gibson & Bob Camp

Civil War Trilogy

10. Tom Paxton

I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound